Agevolazioni economiche – Corsi triennali

Financial aid 2021

Raffles Milano Istituto Moda e Design offers an economic benefit for new members whose families are in a difficult situation due to the COVID-19 emergency.

The support measures for new students wishing to enroll in the 2021/2022 academic year provide for two options:

  1. The possibility of paying the tuition fee in installments in several installments starting from the month following the registration date by and no later than December 2021.The payment of the fees will have a monthly deadline and in case of delay or non-payment the possibility to divide the amount of the tuition fee into several installments.
  2. Financial support, with the aim of supporting our students, which is granted to individuals and families with an ISEE index of less than 40,000 euros and consisting of a reduction of up to 30% on the tuition fee alone.


Since this is an economic benefit, students and families who are between the third and sixth income bracket will not be able to request financial aid. The reduction on the tuition fee will be assigned considering also the average of the marks obtained in the last available report card (to be attached in an authenticated certificate with stamp and signature of the institute you are attending).

Both options can be requested by candidates, if eligible.

All students who submit all the documents listed below can submit the request for financial aid:

1) The student must provide proof of the income and assets of their family unit by sending the ISEE form.

2) The student must send a video or a letter of introduction explaining the reason for the request for the financial contribution, the origin of their passion for the discipline of the course they want to attend, other useful information that the candidate deems appropriate to communicate to us.

3)  The student must draw up his own school curriculum as follows:

  • Personal data of the candidate
  • Studies carried out: name of the institute (2nd grade high school) currently being attended. If the candidate already has a diploma, attach a copy, together with the other information requested
  • Subjects taken (or to be taken, if in progress) during the five years of high school
  • Official certification (with marks obtained) during the last year attended or during the last period (quarter or four months) if the school year is still in progress at the date of the request
  • Knowledge of foreign languages ​​(indicate level)
  • Computer skills (indicate known software and skill level)
  • Studies abroad, if previously carried out
  • Description of internships or work experience, if previously carried out
  • Path for Transversal Skills and Orientation (PTCO)
  • Complete the request with the place, date and signature of the person concerned


General conditions

  • Applications submitted by students who do not meet the required requirements will not be considered.
  • The economic benefits are not transferable to other people and cannot be combined with further economic promotions activated by Raffles Milano in the same period of time.

The benefit will be granted for the first academic year, there is no renewal for the following years.

The request can be sent by email to the address: or directly from the box.