Visual Design - Corso Milano - Formazione

Three-year course


Imparare facendo è il principio alla base dei corsi triennali di Raffles Milano, un percorso di formazione che struttura la mente, fornisce un solido bagaglio tecnico e fa venire voglia di allargare i propri orizzonti di vita. Scopri il nostro corso triennale in Visual Design.


3 years





Start Date



Italian / English

Course leader


Visual Designer

An architect, Franco Achilli trained with Alfred Hohenegger, Giorgio Fioravanti and Gianni Sassi, then at the New York School of Visual Arts. After acting as assistant to Emilio Fioravanti at G&R Associati, he opened his own first office in Milan in 1985 with Guglielmo Ghizzardi and Mario Piazza. In 1995, he launched A+G Achilli Ghizzardi Associati, which he still runs today, working in architecture, brand and exhibition design, and publishing graphics. His clients in a career spanning over thirty years have included industrial and commercial groups, publishers and international organisations. He has continuous experience in lecturing in design schools and teaches Visual Identity in Brands at the IULM University in Milan. He has been a Visiting Professor at the Northern Illinois University and had held courses at the University of Palermo, the Art Institute of Chicago, Milan Polytechnic, the IUAV in Venice and other universities. The acknowledgements he has received for his teaching work include ten awards from the Designer & Art Directors Club of London. He has written and edited publications about design and his work has featured in leading international magazines.

Visual design:
designing the visible world

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To design is to transform the world, from the simplest things right up to the most complex ones. Design is not just a discipline that teaches us how to invent and improve the material side of life: it is also an ideal model that teaches us how things both great and small are bound together by invisible threads. It is the art of change, responsibility and commitment.

Professional opportunities

The visual designer is a creative who is also capable of co-ordinating the skills of a team specialising in a variety of disciplines. He also knows how to face, as the orchestra conductor, complex issues at stake in institutional communications, services and products. This course enables students to acquire a methodology to use in the different phases of a project and its execution and to apply for employment as designers (in professional offices, agencies or organisations) or creative consultants for industrial or commercial firms, or – by opening an office of their own – to take the plunge as entrepreneurs of their own careers.

Who is this for?

The course is intended for students who have a high school leaving diploma coming from either an Italian or a foreign university. Applicants will be expected to show a strong interest in design disciplines (visual, graphic, exhibition and digital design, lettering, photography and video), in social sciences (anthropology, theories of communication and mass media, sociology and semiology) and in the culture of the visual arts (art and design history). Students who attend this course are future designers of digital and analogical communication, creative directors and brand experts


An introductory phase (First Year) is followed by an intermediate phase that focuses on a case study (Second Year) and then a process dedicated to the final project and portfolio (Third Year). From the groundwork of basic design to the grammar of typography, from graphic layout software programs to packaging, from motion graphics to interactive design, students learn all the disciplines related to visual design, combining techniques with technologies and their own cultural humus, so as to operate consciously in the complex scenarios of our contemporary society.


– Graphic design.
– Brand design.
– Photography and video storytelling
– Art and design history
– Exhibition design and signage
– Digital design.
– Interactive design.
– Anthropology, sociology, semiology
– Theory of the mass media
– Marketing and research

Student of the Year

At the end of each academic year, Raffles Milano rewards the best talent.
The award is given to the student who has distinguished him- or herself in terms of his/her academic career and portfolio, according to the assessment both of an internal committee of teachers and of an external committee of professionals who are invited to assess the portfolio (the student’s anonymity is protected)


They are well-founded professionals, authors of projects that have made their mark, and with many years of teaching experience. They have a wide and truly international vision. They are part of a cohesive and productive group, and they love discussing the progress of courses, the opportunities that present themselves on the run and the performance of individual students.

Franco Achilli

Academic Director

Maria Laura Albini

Entrepreneur and Manager

Gianluca Alderuccio

Creative director

Luca Barcellona

Designer / Calligrapher

Alessandro Barzaghi

Motion designer

Thomas Berloffa


Alessandro Bonfanti

Project manager

Stefano Bottura

Creative director

Andrea Braccaloni

Graphic designer

Laura Buddenseig

Visual designer / Design director

Davide Calluori

Digital artist

Natale Cardone

Brand Designer

Ginette Caron

Visual designer / Design director

Luigi Ciuffreda


Francesco Clerici

Director / Writer

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Francesco D’Abbraccio


Paolo Costa

Journalist expert in digital culture and new media

Pasquale Di Meglio

Design director / Visual designer

Diego Donati

Motion graphic designer

Francesco Dondina

Graphic designer

Angelo Ferrillo


Marcello Francone

Art director

Maki Gherzi


Irina Gliudza

Art director

Chiara Grandesso

Graphic designer

Valentina Grilli


Lucio Lazzara


Paola Lenarduzzi

Art director

Laura Lisi

Translator / Interpreter

Alessia Locatelli

Photo historian

Lia Luzzatto

Color consultant

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Armando Milani

Graphic Designer

Luisa Milani

Graphic designer

Corrado Musmeci

Print expert

Sebastiano Paccini

David Pasquali

Creative director

Mariangela Polesana

Media sociologist

Michele Rho

Director / Screenwriter

Carlo Riccobono

Digital artist / interaction designer

Elisa Richelmi

Maia Sambonet

Anna Santi


Aura Tiralongo

Teacher of semiotics / Web writer


Applications for admission can be made by downloading the form and sending it to or by contacting the school on the phone.

Admission Fee
Applicants will have to pay a fee of 150 euros for the admission.

Admission documentation
– letter of motivation
– passport or identity card for Italian students or EU-EFTA citizens
– receipt of payment of the admission fee of 150 euros.

The candidates will be contacted for an Admissions interview after their submission of the Application documents. If their profile is considered suitable, candidates will receive an Admittance letter, which is non-binding for the Candidate.

Candidates, if the result of the interview was positive, are sent the official acceptance response of the admission request, which remains non-binding for the Candidate.

Download the application form here and send it together with the other documents to:

Confirmation of enrollment 
Candidates will be eligible to enroll after receiving their Admittance Letter from the Institution. Successful applicants will have 30 days to fill out the enrollment form and pay an enrollment fee to secure their position in the program


Annual fees valid for registrations from 1 January 2021:
Students from the European Union and EFTA
Registration fee + annual fee according to the six categories of ISEE family income brackets:
I Income bracket up to € 30,000
Enrollment Fee: 3.000 euro
Annual tuition fee: 6.000 euro
II Income bracket from 30,001 to 40,000 euros
Enrollment Fee: 3.000 euro
Annual tuition fee: 7.000 euro
III Income bracket from 40,001 to 70,000 euros
Enrollment Fee: 3.000 euro
Annual tuition fee: 9.500 euro
IV Income bracket from 70,001 to 100,000 euros
Enrollment Fee: 3.000 euro
Annual tuition fee: 12.500 euro
V Income range from 100,001 to 125,000 euros
Enrollment Fee: 3.000 euro
Annual tuition fee: 16.000 euro
VI Income bracket over 125,000 euros
Enrollment Fee: 3.000 euro
Annual tuition fee: 18.000 euro

Non-European Union and Non-EFTA students
Enrollment Fee: 3.000 euro
Annual tuition fee: 18.000 euro
Raffles Milan can accept the submission of income documents by students to assess their suitability with respect to the determination of the membership bracket