Sir Stamford Raffles, a governor appointed by dutch and british countries, explored and revealed a vast part of Asia to the world. A pioneer of humanism in the 19th century, he contributed to the abolition of slavery and was a philanthropist, scholar, researcher, and founder of the Zoological Society. In 1819, Raffles founded the state of Singapore.

Raffles Education is founded on these core principles: the centrality of each individual, the transdisciplinarity, innovation in research.

Raffles Milano is also Raffles Education: the international network with 16 colleges in 10 countries across Asia, the Middle East and Europe, listed on the Singapore Stock Exchange.

Since establishing its first college in Singapore in 1990, Raffles Education is now a vast network of 16 colleges and universities across 9 countries in Asia Pacific and Europe: Cambodia, India, Indonesia, Italy, Malaysia, Saudi Arabia, Singapore, Thailand, and the People’s Republic of China

The European hub of the largest independent design education network, Raffles Milano is an international institute where students work closely with faculty to undertake projects that embrace hybridization, experimentation, and research, challenging conventional norms and transcending cultural, technological, or geographical barriers.


Raffles Milano is the school where the best design professionals teach young and talented students not only a discipline, but a vision of the world and of society. Thanks to its courses, all interdisciplinary, Raffles Milano provides a cultural, technical and human background to empower new designers in shaping not only artefacts, but also their own role in life and to take part in the transformation of the future of our planet.


Raffles Milan is a school with a non-traditional spirit and method. A school designed to build protagonists, learning from protagonists. And above all, a school that has gathered around it a important team of teachers, leading names in culture, style and design. Raffles Milano's educational method is inspired by transdisciplinarity and points to the effectiveness of working on real projects for a real client. Teachers and students are immediately involved in a relationship without walls of separation. Dialogue, the search for new paths and trust between teacher and student are the basis for individual growth and a team that prepares for the professional future. A preparation that faces the future as a natural evolution of the present.

Regulations, respect for each other and for the spaces are important to us. 

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