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Périphériques Marin+Trottin Architectes

Péreiphériques is an architecture office founded in Paris by David Trottin and Emmanuelle Marin-Trottin, who have spent more than twenty years applying an evolutionary mindset to the task of exploring the products of architectural and urban design. One significant characteristic of the office is its collective approach to creating architecture: teams pool their physical and mental resources to coax the maximum result from every project. This method is based on negotiation, on sharing ideas and on a multidisciplinary attitude. The stated intention of opening every project up to others and encouraging different human resources to gather around the table to work together can be described as anti-ego. “In every project, we strive to make an accurate analysis of what we are being asked to do, studying everything from the context to how the design will be used, so as to be able to exercise real control over its execution. Our aim is to deconstruct standard answers and offer unexpected, pertinent solutions.” The office has completed numerous architectural research projects (IN-EX projects, 36 modèles pour une maison, My home is yours/Your home is mine, USAGES Reviews) and has organised several exhibitions and events in the framework of the association French Touch.