My Raffles

Gianluigi Colin

艺术指导 / 评论家 / 艺术家
Artist, journalist, critic, he has been an art director for Corriere della Sera for many years, and continues to write for the newspaper on topics such as art, photography and visual communication. Strong with his iconological and iconographic experience in the newspaper, he has long been carrying out research on the dialogue between images and words. His artistic research on the past and on the stratification of the human glance has been exhibited in public spaces and museums such as Arengario in Milan (1998), Centro Cultural Recoleta in Buenos Aires (2002), Manege Museum in Saint Petersburg (2003), MADRE in Naples (2011), IVAM in Valencia (2011), Fondazione Marconi (2012) and Galleria d’Arte Moderna e Contemporanea in Pordenone (2013). After teaching at Università Cattolica di Milano and at Institute for the Preservation of Cultural Heritage of Università di Parma, he currently teaches at RM-Raffles Milan and is a professor of Photographic Theory and Techniques at the IULM in Milan.