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ecosistema urbano

Architectural studio
Ecosistema urbano is an office of architects and town planners established in Madrid in 2000 by Belinda Tato and José Luis Vallejo to work in the areas of town planning, architecture, engineering and sociology, adopting the urban social design approach, which can be described as designing places, spaces and dynamics that enable people to organise themselves, to interact within the community and to relate to the environment. This approach has been applied in Norway, Denmark, Spain, Italy, France and China and is the inspiration that drives projects currently underway in Ecuador and Paraguay. In parallel, the office has also directly managed a digital platform for developing social networks and has created online channels dealing with sustainable urban creativity. Since it was established, the office has won more than 30 international architecture and design awards. The founding partners have lectured and held seminars in some of the most prestigious schools and universities all over the world and have been professors at the Harvard Graduate School of Design since 2010.