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Topotek 1

Topotek 1 is a landscape architecture office founded in Berlin in 1966 by Martin Rein-Cano, who was joined by Lorenz Dexler in 1999. The main task that this office has given itself is that of designing open-air spaces by applying and practising an approach that incorporates a critical interpretation of reality. The office comes across as different from the norm and full of life, with a highly qualified group of landscape architects, architects and administrative staff. The office draws on this variety of experience, which covers all the phases of a project of landscape architecture. The projects tackled range right across the scale, from designing public open spaces, such as city squares, university and school campuses, public parks and sports buildings, to private courtyards and gardens. Although each one of these projects is entrusted to a project team, each led by its own project manager, the office actively encourages the various teams to interact and exchange information freely. Topotek 1 has shown its work in numerous individual and group shows, including the 10th and 11th editions of the Venice Architecture Biennale.