My Raffles

Rossella Ferorelli

Architect and writer
Born in Bari in 1984, Rossella Ferorelli graduated in Construction Engineering and Architecture from Milan Polytechnic, where she also took her doctorate in Architectural and Urban Design, with a thesis on redefining the concepts of infrastructure and public space in relation to the socio-spatial effects of the information economy. She now conducts research in the fields of the interactions between information networks, biopolitics and the built environment and of the changes taking place in the forms of communication, of representation and of critique of architecture in the web, as well as contributing to Domus and Abitare magazines. In 2011, she and Andrea Paone joined the Small studio (Soft Metropolitan Architecture & Landscape Lab), established in Bari in 2007 by Alessandro Cariello and Luigi Falbo. This group’s latest research projects have concentrated on studying the re-purposing of abandoned urban landscapes, with a special focus on curating three editions of the annual festival Conversion+ and on constructing Standbyldings, networks of reuse enablers all over the country.