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Michela Gottardo

Michela Gottardo took her diploma from the Carcano silk mills Technical College in Como with a specialisation in weaving, and subsequently attended a further specialisation course organised by the Como Silk Association, where she developed her skills both in the area of jacquard fabric production and printing and in aspects of marketing and sales techniques. After completing her studies, she joined the leading silk firm Mantero, where she rose to have completely independent management of customers on the clothing scene whose requirements were based on an industrial approach, such as the Max Mara Group, Aeffe, Gilmar and Bvm. She was one of the founders of the Compagnia della Seta (Company of Silk). She has worked for Isa Seta, with a special focus on high-end customers and fashion designers. She served first as Commercial Director of the clothing fabrics division at Canepa, before moving to Ostinelli Seta, where she now has the same remit. In these last two positions, she has contributed significantly to re-launching the clothing department, influencing its commercial aspects, its internal organisation and above all everything related to product development.