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Matteo Balocco

用户体验 和 网页 设计师
Fellow student of Giorgio de Renzo and Mario Ricciardi, Matteo Balocco graduated in 1998, then started working with Domino Interactive in Turin as a front-end specialist. In 2004, he won two Interactive Key Awards for the best front-end development with the websites for the Turin Book Fair and NoMartiniNoParty. In 2011, he started working with Simplicissimus Book Farm on creating a set of typographic rules for e-books and wrote a web typography handbook for Apogeo. In 2013, he was one of the people behind the conception and organization of Kerning, the first international conference held in Italy dedicated to typography for the web, and became a member of the visual design thematic committee of experts for the ADI Design Index (until 2015). At the same time, he also started working with Reply and Bitmama as a user experience designer on financial technology projects. In 2015, he launched Hangar, a format for workshops in good digital communication practices, and in 2016 he became Product Manager with, an American digital services company.