My Raffles

Hendrik Fokkema

After graduating from the Academy of Art in Enschede (Netherlands), he left Holland to go to Italy with the dream of working in a fashion design studio. He started with Walter Albini and was later hired as Luciano Soprani’s assistant where he learned to build a fashion collection and had a chance to broaden his knowledge of high-quality made-in-Italy fabrics working back-to-back with the best textile manufacturers. His encounter with Elisabetta Grossi made him decide to share his professional trajectory and to start an entrepreneurial activity opening his own studio with Elisabetta in Milan. He collaborated for several seasons with the associates of the “Ente Comitato Moda” where he was in charge of developing fabric trends. At the same time, he provided the same type of consultancy, with the addition of accessories (buttons, embroideries, trimmings), for Milano Unica – leading international fair in Italian textile manufacturing – and integrated this activity with collaborations as a fashion designer for several Italian and international companies in the fashion industry (Deni Cler, Gruppo Coin, Antonio Fusco, Isaia).