Fees and Contributions

Ammissioni Corsi Triennali

Applications for admission can be made by downloading the form and sending it to triennali@rm-modaedesign.it

Admission Fee
Applicants will have to pay a fee of 150 euros for the admission.

Admission documentation
– lettera motivazionale
– passport or identity card for Italian students or EU-EFTA citizens
– receipt of payment of the admission fee of 150 euros.

Candidates will be contacted by the Admission Team in order to set the date of the admission interview with the Academic Coordinator or the Course Leader: this is a moment of open discussion in which the Candidate can clearly explain his/her personal motivations and be informed about the guidelines of the Institute (commitment, dedication, behavior, general didactic regulations).

Download the admission form here and send all the required documents to: triennali@rm-modaedesign.it

Confirmation of enrollment
If the outcome of the interview is positive, the candidates will receive an official response of acceptance of the application for admission, which remains non-binding for the Candidate.

If the enrollment takes place within 15 days of receipt of the confirmation email, the amount of 150 euros already paid for the admission interview will be deducted from the enrollment fee.
The candidate can also enroll after the 15 days deadline, in this case the amount of the admission fee will not be deducted.
The enrollment is considered valid once all required documents have been received and the enrollment fee has been paid.

Ammissioni Corsi Master

Write an e-mail to master@rm-modaedesign.it or call the student secretary at +39 02 22175050 to book a meeting.

How to apply:

The candidate can apply to the course of interest by sending the Application Form master@rm-modaedesign.it the Application Formclick here) e gli allegati richiesti a pagina 3, in un file compresso denominato con il nome dello studente.

RafflesMilano informerà il candidato del risultato dell’ammissione via mail e fisserà un colloquio/valutazione per verificare il livello di conoscenza della lingua inglese. Il candidato può procedere con l’iscrizione una volta confermato l’esito positivo del colloquio.

Enrollment confirmation: 

Entro 30 giorni a partire dalla data di ammissione, il candidato dovrà confermare l’iscrizione, compilando e inviando il modulo di iscrizione, inviata precedentemente al candidato via mail a master@rm-modaedesign.it, insieme all’attestazione di pagamento della quota di iscrizione (3.000 euro).

The enrollment is considered valid once all required documents have been received and the enrollment fee has been paid. 

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