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RafflesMilano provides
80 Scholarships
for the Three-year Course 22-23

fino a 8.000€*!

1st year

- 3.000€

2nd year

- 2.500€

3rd year

- 2.500€

Product design: designing objects,
systems and solutions

Design is an essential factor for every firm that makes the quality of its products a hallmark of its market positioning. That quality comprises the product’s conception, usability and emotional appeal, its ability to cater for the requirements of environmental sustainability, a suitable choice of materials and the product’s life cycle.

And the designer is the lead actor in the process of defining the product’s main characteristics.

At the end of this course, students will be able to find opportunities for work or structured professional placement in all sorts of different fields of industry, wherever innovation converges with the quality of products, services and processes.

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What is Talents for Future

Talents for Future is the merit Scholarships program of RafflesMilano designed to showcase the talents of the future in the world of design.

RafflesMilano provides 80 Scholarships up to 8.000€ on the tuition fee, dedicated to italian students for the Three-year courses in Italian (English translation available) of

  • Fashion design
  • Visual design
  • Product design
  • Interior design

Scholarships are intended to partially cover tuition fees for the three-year academic courses available at the RafflesMilano Campus.


The process


Application fee 150€

Submission of
Scholarship application

the Academic Council

Result of the

How to apply

Candidates admitted to the a.y. 22-23 must send an email to the Academic Council of RafflesMilano at the email address scholarships@rm-modaedesign.it the following documents in PDF format:

  1. T4F Application form (download here);
  2. Motivational letter (in which the candidate demonstrate his or her interest in the relevant discipline);
  3. Most recent ISEE certification (income document);
  4. Copy of High School document with final grade or self-declaration.

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Value of Scholarships

The system of economic incentives provided by the program "Talents for Future" provides the following assistance commensurate with the student's income and family assets, for the first year of the three-year courses at RafflesMilano.

Scholarships may be re-awarded to the most deserving students for the second and third year of their studies according to these criteria:

the total sum of 8.000€ is calculated on the First and Second Income Brackets.


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