Primo Giorno

Nessuna scuola di design è come RafflesMilano:
l’aula delle matricole è un vero campo da rugby di Serie A!

Getting to know each other, breaking the ice, calling everyone by their first name right away, because when you are about to share three years of your life with each other, you can’t afford to waste a single hour

This is why our freshmen students spend their first day not in the glazed classrooms in via Casati with a teacher, but on a rugby field with federal technicians.

Abbiamo avviato fin dal primo anno accademico una collaborazione con ASR Rugby Milano, società milanese che milita in tutti i campionati di rugby.

È stato messo a punto un programma di team-building that allows our freshmen to become more confident, move together and understand the meaning of working in a team, of asking for and obtaining support from a classmate, of pursuing a goal and achieving it by leading the entire team across the finish line.

Don’t worry: there is nothing bloody about this, no one ever gets hurt, and this educational model is broadly used also by companies to train their staff and generate cohesion and a spirit of cooperation among their divisions.

One morning dedicated to learning the meanings, the roles, the essence of being a team. The metaphor of rugby as an inclusive sport, where every player has a specific role and can express intelligence, cunning, strength or lightness. All you need to do is work together to reach the common goal.