The Ear of Milano and the Extravagance of Palazzi Milanesi

Milano - it is not Roma, nor Firenze or Venezia, not even a truly Italian city as many say. Milano is Milano and it takes an effort to love it.

They say … Roma is type of a woman you fall in love immediately, losing your head in the abundance of beauty, Milano is the type to be discovered from within. Love for Milano is conscious, sensible and mature.

Many know it as “a city of fashion design and fashion shows” and I bet, that is the first thing that came to your mind. Let me object, saying that it is a city of design in a much wider sense than you can imagine.

It is a city of self-expression. As you walk in the historic center, you see diversity of styles of private and public “palazzo”-s, with a splendid décor which never repeat and never tire.

As a design institute based in Milano, Raffles Milano aspires to tell stories of architecture, design, arts of Milano, diving into the design DNA of the city and revealing to the readers its hidden gems and why, in fact, it is authentic as a design spot.

In the lavishness of self-expression of so many Italian architects and designers, we’ve decided to open our page with the story of the Ear of Milano and an entryway hidden in the spectacular Palazzo of Sola-Busca, situated on Via Serbelloni 10.

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