Mentorship and Coaching

The well-being of students is Raffles Milano's priority.

The purpose of coaching is to identify objectives, develop the skills needed to achieve them, overcome obstacles and accompany the coachee along a path of growth and acquisition of awareness. 

Coaching is a pathway with a guide, a help that facilitates the achievement of one's goals, also supporting the identification of these goals. It is a support to face problems, to understand the reasons for anxieties and fears or simply to confront them.

The coach has specific competences but above all is able to offer a sincere active listening to the coachee.

An intense, useful and intimate confrontation from which everyone will emerge enriched.

Service features

  • One to one meetings
  • Every week the coach will be available for one day
  • Personally or on line
  • 60 minutes in a protected and confidencial mode

For information and booking: