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Dieci mesi straordinari, con docenti di livello internazionale. Un’occasione unica per imparare direttamente dai protagonisti. Master Raffles Milano: finalmente qualcuno ci ha pensato. Scopri il nostro master in Fashion Design & Business.


10 months



Start Date




Course leader

Arthur Arbesser

Fashion Designer

Born and raised in the Austrian capital Vienna, Arthur was deeply immersed in the city’s culture. The streamlined turn-of-the-century architecture as well as the evocative heritage of applied arts and design remain a strong source of inspiration for him today. At Central Saint Martins College for Art and Design he quickly developed his personal aesthetics, influenced by his intimate contact with London’s prolific art scene. Upon graduation he moved to Milan to work for Giorgio Armani for 7 years. Arthur launched his eponymous women’s wear label in February 2013. He was one of the finalists at the second edition of the LVMH prize in 2015, and in June of the same year, he was invited to participate at the prestigious PITTI Immagine Fair in Florence as a women’s wear guest designer. Besides his own namesake label, he works as a creative consultant for other international brands and continuous high profile collaborations with Apple, Silhouette Eyewear, HEM furniture, the Vienna State ballet and the Berlin State Opera add a creative impulse to his universe. He establishes his own sophisticated style enhanced by vivid graphics and finest quality fabrics, his silhouettes radiate a pure, yet sensual appeal of modernity.

Scopri “Perchè scegliere Raffles Milano” e conosci il Master in Fashion design & Business con il Course Leader Arthur Arbesser.

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Fashion is education about beauty, the ability to express thoughts and emotions, the most direct expression of the contemporary world: colours, shapes and materials in perfect harmony. It is the most lively of the art forms, thriving on people in real life. Like in a major theater “pièce”, getting the stage-set just right is crucial in the game of seduction, but a part cannot stand for the whole. To be able to keep on winning over an increasingly stimulated and probably confused consumer is to go back to fundamentals by employing in-depth technical training.

Professional opportunities

This Masters course is designed to maximize the unique characteristics of each student’s creative genius, but it also aims to forge highly qualified, dynamic professionals who will find it easy to build their careers. At the end of the ten month study period, the student’s extensive knowledge of the entire work process will enable them to find employment in menswear and womenswear fashion brands in Italy and internationally

Who is this for?

This Masters course is addressed to design graduates, students with a diploma from Fashion schools and young designers who want to confront themselves with practicing professionals, so as to broaden their horizons to encompass new forms of experimentation and new aesthetic opportunities. The aim is to train the stars of tomorrow’s fashion scene, equipping them with an independent, unique creative vision and at the same time a strong ability to penetrate into the complexity of a highly volatile market


Students who attend this Masters course will acquire a fully-rounded vision of the fashion industry, working side by side with the professionals who lead today’s luxury market. They will analyse consumer and macro business trends, discuss how aesthetics applies to fashion, create mood boards and conduct targeted research under the guidance of industry experts. But above all they will work together, step-by-step, on constructing a collection, both in a portfolio and in a real piece. Lastly, they will also learn how to go about styling, editing and managing the final runway presentation


– Mood board creation
– Research
– Collection Development
– Fabric merchandise
– Aesthetics
– Art direction.
– Styling.
– Portfolio.
– Presentation
– Production

Student of the Year

At the end of each academic year, Raffles Milano rewards the best talent of every course and every year.
The award is given to the student who has distinguished him- or herself in terms of his/her academic career and portfolio, according to the assessment both of an internal committee of teachers and of an external committee of professionals who are invited to assess the portfolio (the student’s anonymity is protected)

Project Lecturers

Learning directly from practitioners is the best way to pick up the most advanced visions and methods at source. Unlike conventional Masters, the Raffles Milano Masters bring hands-on knowledge direct into the lecture theatre, with ten market leader professionals occupying the lectern in the course of the ten months.
Each professional spends a month with the students. 8 four-week months and 2 three-week months.
Each week you will have a 6 hour day and an 8 hour day lesson with the experts.
At the end of the month, the student receives an evaluation on the developed project.
Some professionals can be replaced during the Master, with other top-level studios, maintaining the international Faculty’s standards.

Maria Walter Nielsen

Andrea Cammarosano

Maxence Dinant

Sabrina Klaziena/Fischer

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Virginia/Diletta Ratti/Albertini

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Mauro Ballette

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Marco Sammicheli

Method Lecturers

There are some kinds of practical and theoretical knowledge and abilities that cannot be learned overnight, but need tailored tutoring. You never know when you will need them, but one thing is certain: you will.
For this reason, the students have 200 hours of lessons with the Method Lecturers which are spread over the 10 months of the Master.
Some lecturers can be replaced during the Master, maintaining the international Faculty’s standards.

Lia Luzzatto

Color theorist & consultant

Matteo Balza

Brais Vilaso

Fashion editor

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Ilenia Durazzi

Maki Gherzi


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Jules Goldsmith

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Bradly Dunnklerks

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Nora Helena Erdle

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Enrica Roddolo

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Andrew Hempel

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Paola Maggioni

Mirko Rizzi

Giacomo Pilato


Applications can be sent by the “Admission Form” below or made by phone by calling the Secretariat directly. When we receive the required documentation and a motivational letter written by the Candidate, the Management will set the date for an introductory interview with the Course Leader or with the College Director if necessary.

If their profile is considered suitable, candidates will receive official notice regarding the acceptance of their application, which in any case is non-binding for the Candidate.

Admission documentation
– curriculum vitae
– artistic and/or professional portfolio
– letter of motivation
– copy of Bachelor’s Degree/Graduation certificate
– passport or identity card for Italian students or EU-EFTA citizens

Candidates can also send the application documents to the e-mail address:
For further information, please fill in the “Information Form”.


Following the Management’s official notice concerning the Candidate’s admissibility, the latter may proceed to the enrolment stage. All students who fulfil the requirements must pay the enrolment fee when they formalize their enrolment, which must then be integrated by the yearly tuition fee before the beginning of the course.

The amount can be paid in a single solution, or in two other installments after enrollment: the second by the beginning of the First Semester, the third by the beginning of the Second Semester.

For international students there is only one payment option in a single installment at the time of registration.

European Union and EFTA students
Enrollment Fee: 3.000 euro
Tuition fee: 18.000 euros
Non-European Union and Non-EFTA students
Enrollment Fee: 3.000 euro
Retta di frequenza: 23.000 euro