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TBWA\Italia is part of the TBWA\Worldwide network, one of the world’s top ten communication networks and owner of the Disruption® method, whose purpose is to develop business ideas that break with past conventions, a tool for change that doubles as both a working methodology and a philosophy of life. The TBWA\ network includes Auditoire, BEING, Digital Arts Network (DAN), eg+ Worldwide, the Integer® group, TBWA\Media Arts Lab and TBWA\WorldHealth, as well as local and independent TBWA\, with 323 offices in 97 countries and more than 11,100 employees worldwide. TBWA\ has had a presence in Italy since 1971 and now has offices in Milan and Rome, employing more than 100 professionals who work together, sharing their objectives, offices and creative direction, although they all have their own individual and specific areas of expertise. The two Italian agencies cover the areas of interactive digital advertising, events, promotions, retail marketing, co-marketing, print production, video production and the web. The Milan agency has its own in-house daycare that is also open to other children living locally.