My Raffles

Paolo Errico

Born and raised in Genoa, Paolo began his career working for Calvin Klein and Versace. In 2000, he moved to Ermenegildo Zegna where he set up Agnona collections. Then, he worked in Roberto Cavalli Group where he designed female collections. In 2003, he graduated in Fashion Design at the University of Urbino. In the same year, he launched the fashion firm with his namesake and, in the following one, he showed his first collection in Milan. Architecture and design are the key sources of inspiration and reference in his work, with the aim to create timeless fashion. Hence, his collections are inspired by the study of primordial geometrical shapes combined with the human body. The result is a multifunctional fashion, with unusual dynamisms and innovative volumes, which design a new female expression and an innovative idea of sensual and plastic elegancy. Today, he lives between London and Paris, working as luxury brand consultant.