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Francesca Pasquali

After graduating from the Bologna Academy of Fine Arts in 2006, Francesca Pasquali decided to launch into a career as an artist. Over the years, she has developed an idiom of her own that focuses on the ability to reactivate materials’ aesthetic potential, rethinking objects – both everyday objects and industrial and discarded materials – and transforming both their shapes and the ways we use them. For example, she uses natural and industrial polymers to create entities that balance on a knife-edge between nature and artifice. Her most recent single shows include Spiderwall (MOCA, London), Metamorphoses (Tornabuoni Art, London) and Plastic Shapes (Leila Heller, New York). In 2014, she was one of the winners of the 2014 Henraux Award and in 2015 a finalist at the 2015 Cairo Award. In 2016, she created the Francesca Pasquali Archive, which heads up a network of experts, critics and art historians who use scientific parameters to catalogue her work and interact with the artist to generate new projects. In recent years, she has partnered with fashion brands including Salvatore Ferragamo, Sergio Rossi and Melissa.