My Raffles

Davide Dallomo

代理人 和 策展人
With an education in Italy and the United States, Davide Dallomo graduated in law from the University of Bologna, then moved to Milan at the beginning of the nineties, where he took his first steps in the world of creativity after a meeting with a fashion photographer. In 1994, he established Lagente, with the aim of safeguarding every aspect of creatives’ contractual interests. The office initially focused on photographers, graphic and product designers and stylists. Subsequently, it gradually moved to what is now its core business: managing fashion designers and fashion brands in Europe. Dallomo has contributed to the careers of hundreds of creatives, with pride of place taken by such names as Riccardo Tisci, whose career he has accompanied since before he became art director with Givenchy; Alessandro Dell’Acqua, served since the days of his own brand and then when he passed to N°21, and more recently Alexis Martial and Adrien Caillaudaud. Lagente now has two offices, in Milan and in Paris, a great many working clients and a project devoted entirely to young recent graduates.