My Raffles

Claudia Neri

品牌设计师 和 视觉设计师
Claudia Neri was professionally (and spiritually) educated in North America, where she gained a long experience in the field of branding. She founded and currently manages Teikna Design in Milan, a creative, award-winning boutique specialised in brand identity and editorial projects. Her work is characterised by a content-driven approach combined with creative solutions that have received many acknowledgements, such as Communication Arts, Chicago Museum of Architecture and Design, American Institute of Graphic Arts (AIGA) and Graphis. She has worked for clients both in Europe and overseas and recently signed the brand identity of the new Museum of Italian Judaism (MEIS). She is a designer and art director for FAO/ United Nations. She collaborated with universities such as IED, NABA and Fondazione Guggenheim in Venice. A member of the Jury in Cannes, the Art Director’s Club in New York, and the Art Director’s Club of Europe. She has been member of the Visual Design committee for the ADI Compasso d’oro. She regularly writes a blog on visual communication on the website of the ADCI Art Director’s Club Italiano.