Fashion Show

The Raffles Fashion Show is, for the students of our three-year course in Fashion Design, the culminating event of the month of September: together with the preparation of the final thesis, the young fashion designers finalize their projects under the guidance of teachers and tutors and present them in a real show, showing models in a highly professional setting. Videomakers, photographers, lighting designers, make-up artists and hairdesigners contribute to make concrete the dreams pursued for three years and to deliver to each of our students the clip for the portfolio that will accompany them in their debut in the profession.


Long Verision

Short version

Martina Isolde Cerutti


Federica Poletta

Ersilia Barone

Carola Novello

Ludovica Tagariello

Clarissa Carnevali

Bereket Yonas Afeworki

Eleonora Moroni

Luca Nocita

Liliana Ciannamea

Francesco Palestini

Giulia Giavenni

Alessandra Migliore