How to apply


Do you whant to join Raffles Milano?  

Here the passeges to follow: 

Write an e-mail to triennali@rafflesmilano.it or call our secretary at +39 02 22175050 to book an Admission meeting 

Candidates will be contacted by the Admission Team in order to fix the date of the admission interview with the Academic Coordinator or Course Leader: this is a moment of open discussion in which the Candidate can clearly explain his/her personal motivations and be informed about the Institute's guidelines (commitment, dedication, behaviour, general teaching regulations).

If their profile is considered suitable, candidates will receive official notice regarding the acceptance of their application, which in any case is non-binding for the Candidate. 

Candidates applying for admission to the three-year courses must pay an application fee of €150, that can be paid with:  

  • Wire transfer addressed to Raffles Italy SRL

          IBAN: IT87D0503401647000000083462 

  • Cash, Bancomat or Credit Card directly at Student Secretary 


  • Check addressed to Raffles Italy Srl to present directly at Student Secretary


To finalize your iscription to Admission meeting, please click here.

Enrollment confirmation: 

Candidates will be eligible to enroll with us after receiving their Admittance Letter from the Institution. 

If you enrol within 15 days of receiving the confirmation email, the amount of €150 already paid for the admission interview will be deducted from the enrolment fee. You may also enrol after the 15-day deadline, in which case the amount of the admission fee will not be deducted. 

The entry is considered valid once all the required documents have been received and the entry fee has been paid. 


Write an e-mail to master@rafflesmilano.it or call the student secretary at +39 02 22175050 to book a meeting.

The student applies for the programme of interest by sending master@rafflesmilano.it this form for Admission, together with the documents listed on page 3, in a compressed file named after the student.

Raffles Milano will inform the candidate about the results of the application by email.

Raffles Milano will contact the candidate to schedule an interview to evaluate the knowledge of the English language

Within 30 days, the candidate needs to confirm his Application sending the enrollment form that Raffles will send by email, together with the payment receipt of the enrolment fee (3.000€)

The payment can be done:

  • Bonifico bancario intestato a RAFFLES ITALY SRL 

          IBAN: IT87D0503401647000000083462

  • Cash, Bancomat or Credit Card directly at Student Secretary
  • Check addressed to Raffles Italy Srl to present directly to Student Secretary

For further information, please fill in the “Information Form”.