Three-Year Courses

Non-eu students

Call for Non-EU Students Early Birds!

RafflesMilano takes a
30% off the tuition fee
for Three-Year Courses
in the A.Y. 2023-2024

Deadline 28th February 2023!

Our special offer will be granted to all those early birds* who wish to join our Three-Year Courses in:

Lessons will begin in October 2023.

All the applications received within February 28th, 2023, will be rewarded with 30% off the tuition fee on all Three-Year Courses.

This will also be the opportunity for you, our future Students, to get to know our team in Raffles Milano even before the starting of the lessons and to get in touch with our International Design Community. We take our early birds under our wing!

Required Materials

You will just need to email a few documents to

Book a One-to-One Session

You can also call us at +39 02 22 17 50 50 and book an Orientation Session with our Admissions Officer who will answer your questions and guide you through the whole process.

Being a Student at Raffles Milano

If you are pursuing a career in Design and wish to acquire the best skills in the field, Raffles Milano is the place to be.

We have built an esteemed reputation as an international Design school, attracting highly talented students from around the world. Milan, the world capital of Design, is where high-caliber global Professionals in Design, Fashion, Photography, brand management and advertising communication industries come together.

As a student at Raffles, you will work directly with leading professionals and experts, gaining a wide experience through close collaboration with Fashion & Design agencies and companies and learning by doing.

Don’t miss the opportunity to study and work with Milan’s best professionals and remember, the early bird catches the worm!

*The offer is reserved to students coming from non-EU countries

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