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COVID-19 Back to School


With the entry into force of Decree Law 111/2021, which introduces urgent measures from September 1, 2021 for school and university activities, the resumption of activity (not only teaching) in Raffles Milano will have to comply with the new ministerial and governmental provisions.

In this regard, considering the carrying out of the didactic activity in presence and the scrupulous observance of the rules and provisions published in the Official Gazette of August 5, 2021, Raffles Milano informs that:

  • all lessons are scheduled in person, with authorized access in Raffles Milano and in the classroom only to students and teachers with Green Pass Green Pass
  • in the institute it is mandatory to wear the mask
  • there will be no online lessons for those who are absent from the lessons, considering that the return to the classroom is for all of us an achieved goal, fundamental for teaching, training and social and cultural experience of Raffles Milano and its components
  • visitors and guests, booked to the scheduled events, also must have a Green Pass
  • all Raffles Milano staff are vaccinated and in possession of Green Pass
  • controls may be carried out by Raffles Milano as well as by regional and Ministerial Health Authorities.

Please note that the Green Pass is issued in the following cases:

  • having carried out the first dose or the 15-day single dose vaccine
  • having completed the vaccination cycle
  • having tested negative to a molecular or rapid swab in the previous 48 hours
  • having recovered from COVID-19 in the previous six months

Interested students and professors are informed that as of August 16, 2021, the Lombardy Region has activated a specific icon - a digital "button" - on the platform dedicated to university students who wish to have priority access to the vaccination. Access to the reservation is also guaranteed to students from other regions and international students who do not have a health card but have a tax code or other identification code. 

Raffles Milano, waiting to resume teaching activities from September 1, 2021 suggests to the components (students, faculty, staff) to constantly monitor the evolution of the situation through the media and to consult the Raffles Milano website, which will publish any updates when necessary.

We look forward to seeing you at Raffles Milano as soon as it reopens for the first events, such as Raffles Milano Design Week put LINK that will take place from September 6-10, 2021.

All Raffles Milano Design Week events are subject to seat limitations, so we suggest you book your participation in the events on the Eventbrite platform now (click here)

The Academic Council


Milan, August 18, 2021