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Lecturers for the Year 22-23

They are amazing professionals, authors of projects that have made their mark, and with many years of teaching experience. They have a wide and truly international vision. They are part of a cohesive and productive group, and they love discussing the educational offer, the opportunities for students and their performance.

Course Leader

Lorenzo Palmeri

Architect and designer. He works in the fields of design, architecture, art direction, teaching, composition and music production.
Among his teachers Bruno Munari and Isao Hosoe, with whom he collaborated for several years. Among his main customers: Invicta, Lefel, Stone Italiana, Vicentina Marmi, Fumagalli components, Valenti Luce, Noah guitar, Garofoli, Andreoli, Guzzini, Upgroup, Caffè River, De Vecchi, Nissan, Feltrinelli, Napapijri, Pandora Design, Lavazza, Danese , Ernst Knam, Jannelli & Volpi, Caimi Brevetti, Valcucine, Dornbracht, ECO-oh !, Acqua Chiarella.

He has been a design teacher since 1997, and teaches at the most established national and international design institutions. In the field of music he has written soundtracks for theater and released four albums. He has participated in numerous group and personal exhibitions and his projects have won or have been selected for important national and international awards. In 2017 he was nominated among the "Ambassadors of Italian Design" as part of the Italian Design Day.