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Professional Opportunities

The interior designer can deal with spaces of various sizes and complexities and translate the messages and atmospheres of a brand or a private client into spaces with tangible solutions, spaces that convey messages, emotions, and meaning.

He or she is a key professional figure for architecture or design firms, event agencies, television or film studios, design offices and companies in the furniture and interior accessories industry.

The specific technical background of the interior designer also allows him/her to embark on a career as a critic and scholar of the interior design and furniture system or operate as a consultant and art director for companies in the field of fashion and design.

  • fashion designer
  • accessories designer
  • pattern maker
  • production assistant
  • fashion stylist
  • fashion illustrator
  • visual merchandiser
  • trend forecaster
  • art director
  • press officer
  • image consultant
  • fashion blogger
  • fashion manager
  • fashion buyer

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