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Lecturers for the Year 22-23

Our Lecturers are Design Professionals with a rich experience in teaching. Their projects have had a huge impact in the world of Design.

They are international and open-minded.

They are part of a cohesive group, always keen to discuss the educational offer and to provide new learning opportunities to their beloved students.

Course Leader

Maria Canella

Ph.D. in History of European Society, since 2009 she taught “Contemporary history” and “Fashion History” at the University of Milan; from 2013 she is associate professor. From 2004 to 2014 she has been ANVUR auditor on various subjects: fashion, sports and women history. Apart from her wide expertise in the history of fashion, she is also an expert on the history of the city of Milan and its territory. President of the cultural association Memoria & Progetto, she has been editor of various collections of books and conferences, and collaborated with many brands in managing their historical archives and enhancing their heritage: Rinascente, Missoni, Fiorucci, Ferragamo, Curiel, Giorgio Correggiari, Biki, Jole Veneziani, Germana Marucelli, Italo Sport, Sergio Tacchini, Andrea Pfister, Calzoleria Rivolta, Sutor Mantellassi, Barbara Vitti, Walter Albini, Alberto Lattuada.