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Why this Course

Fashion system is a huge, articulated and sometimes unpredictable territory, where a sense for the classics manages to find common ground with the extremes of experimentation. There is no fool-proof recipe for success: you must work hard, have the curiosity to learn and to measure up to the outside world and its thousands of cultures – haute couture, pop, ethno… It takes a really sharp eye – that has to be trained – capable of noticing the tiniest detail. An eye that is familiar with traditional methods of tailoring, but is not too scared to suggest an impudent sense of elegance.

Here at Raffles we provide the best tools to train your eyes. Be ready for an amazing adventure!

Your creations, your catwalk

Who is this for?

This program is for candidates who possess a Bachelor Degree or relevant work experience in the design industry. To those who aspire to launch their careers in the industry, to become a designer, to improve their abilities to work on complex projects: this course is for you.

Learning Outcomes

– Trend anticipating.
– The fashion system.
– Art and costume history.
– Pattern making
– Fabrics and raw materials.
– Clothing design.
– Product development.
– Fashion drawing.
– Collage collection.
– Marketing and research

Student of the Year

The award is given to the student who has distinguished him- or herself in terms of his/her academic career and portfolio, according to the assessment both of an internal committee of teachers and of an external committee of professionals who are invited to assess the portfolio (the student’s anonymity is protected)

Everything you need to express your creativity

Labs, machines, but most of all amazing Professors!

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