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Why Product and Interior Design?

How to deliver a design project ready to meet the market? Is there a recipe for success?

The answer is: there is no such thing as a recipe for success.

What really matters is the ability to understand the complexity of the world, and learning how to successfully adapt to it. What really matters is the art of perseverance, investigation and research.

The study of Product and Interior Design dives deep into these topics and delivers precise solutions.

Work for with professionals!

Who is this for?

Candidates with a Bachelor’s degree in Architecture, Design, or relevant work experience in the creative industry. 

The course aims to train students with conceptual, strategic and operational tools related to objects and spaces design.

Students will also learn how to design comfortable and functional environments as well as studying furnitures, lighting and sustainable materials.

Learning Outcomes

  • Materials know-how
  • Designing new public and private spaces
  • New products and distribution patterns
  • Human and environmental sustainability
  • Project Management
  • Recycling of materials
  • Exploring new products boundaries
  • 3D Printing
  • Lighting, sound, furniture, interior landscaping

Student of the year

Every year Raffles Milano awards the best student with the most iconic talent.

The winner will be selected by Design Professionals after careful evaluation of his/her/their portfolio.

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