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Why Visual Design & Communication

If the world is a geography of communicating vessels, which are the tools that strenghten the power of communication?

Visual Design teaches you how to structure the right flows of contents.

Every sign calls for a reaction. Every passage calls for an exchange.

What really matters is to deliver a functional, exact and interesting product.

Learning Visual Design & Communication can help you better understand how to talk – using words, shapes, colors, creativity.

Work for with professionals!

Who is this for?

Candidates with a Bachelor’s degree, or with professional experience in graphics, communication, publishing, and other relevant design and communication fields.

To those who are interested in using a broad spectrum of visual aids to communicate their message to an audience – whether it is an advertisement, a post on social media, or a new corporate communications kit: this course is for you!

Learning outcomes

– Research
– Art direction
– Branding
– Publishing
– Typography and icons
– Data visualisation
– Wayfinding
– Digital and User interface design
– Concept generation
– Graphis/integrated communication

Student of the year

Every year Raffles Milano awards the best student with the most iconic talent.

The winner will be selected by Design Professionals after careful evaluation of his/her/their portfolio.

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