10 months



Start Date





Applications for admission can be made by downloading the Application Form and sending it to mastercourse@rafflesmilano.it or by contacting the school on the phone.

Admission Fee
Applicants will have to pay a fee of 150 euros for the admission.

Admission documentation
cover letter
passport or identity card for Italian students or EU-EFTA citizens
receipt of payment of the admission fee of 150 euros
curriculum vitae
copy of degree and/or evidence of educational background or Substitute Declaration of Certification

The candidates will be contacted for an Admissions interview after their submission of the Application documents. If their profile is considered suitable, candidates will receive an Admittance letter, which is non-binding for the Candidate.

Candidates, if the result of the interview is positive, are sent the official acceptance response of the admission request, which remains non-binding for the Candidate.

Download the application form here and send it together with the other documents to: mastercourse@rafflesmilano.it

Confirmation of enrollment
Candidates will be eligible to enroll after receiving their Admittance Letter from the Institution. Successful applicants will have 30 days to fill out the enrollment form and pay an enrollment fee to secure their position in the program


The Candidate can be enrolled after receiving the Admittance Letter.

All students must pay the admission fee and the tuition fee before the starting date of the master course.

The fee can be paid in one solution, or in two installments after paying the admission fee (start of First Semester, start of Second Semester).

International students will have to pay in one solution only.

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