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Why Fashion

Fashion means learning what beauty is, and how to express it through thoughts and emotions.

It is the manifestation of contemporaneity; the art to blend together colors, shapes and materials in perfect harmony.

It is the liveliest of arts: fashion lives in people and in real life – and therefore it changes everyday.

Performance is essential – fashion can charm, inspire, change the world.

Learning fashion techniques is crucial to successfully open the golden gates of this industry, and Raffles Milano hands you the right keys.

Ready to surf the Market of Fashion

Who is this for?

This program is for candidates who possess a Bachelor Degree or relevant work experience in the fashion industry. To those who aspire to launch their careers in the fashion industry, to become a designer, to build a network of professionals: this master course is for you.

Learning outcomes

  • Research and Trends
  • Collection design
  • Textile merchandising
  • Contemporary aesthetics
  • Trend analysis
  • Art Direction
  • Luxury Brand Identity
  • Fashion marketing
  • Digital Fashion communication
  • Presentation
  • Visual Merchandising

Student of the year

Every year Raffles Milano awards the best student with the most iconic talent.

The winner will be selected by Design Professionals after careful evaluation of his/her/their portfolio.

Everything you need to express your creativity

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